I’ve had the pleasure of calling Kris Allen a friend for almost ten years now, and been blessed to work with him for the last five. After winning the eighth season of American Idol, Kris needed to put together a band, and using my years of dirt collected throughout our friendship, I gently blackmailed him into letting me be a part of his band 🙂 Since then, it’s been a pretty crazy ride. We’ve gotten to travel the world and be a part of some incredible stuff like playing on TV, meeting thousands of great people, and opening for some really incredible artists like Keith Urban and Maroon 5.

We’ve written a few songs together for his first two records, and I’ve included those here. He’s one of the most talented guys I’ve ever met, and if you don’t own his records, then go pick up “Kris Allen” and “Thank You Camellia” right now! I feel extremely blessed to call Kris one of my best friends, and I hope you enjoy a few of the songs that we’ve written together. Be on the lookout for more to come!


“Monster” – Allen, Mills, Jordan Wright

“Leave You Alone” – Allen, Mills, Kurt Shneider

“Is It Over” – Allen, Mills, Mike Elizondo

“Teach Me How Love Goes” and “You Got a Way” – Allen, Mills

BMI – Sweetwater Mills Music



Have enjoyed hearing you play for the past few years, and love all of the songs you guys have written together. Best of luck with all your endeavors.

You rock can’t wait to meet you at a show.

i’ve already decided you got a way will be my wedding song. so amazing.

Seeing that song list made me realize that most of my favorite songs from Kris’s albums were cowritten by you.Teach Me How lLve Goes is so lovely.

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