Being born and raised on the border of Arkansas and Texas I grew up around my fair share of country music. As a young kid I can remember setting up my sister’s boom box in my room and playing a Garth Brooks tape when my friend came over to hang out cause I thought it would make me seem a little cooler. Needless to say, it did. Thanks Garth.

I started writing country songs after being inspired by our time opening for Keith Urban in the summer of 2010. At the heart of me, I just love great songs, singers, and players. Keith is all three. I’ve been writing a lot of country music lately and been working in Nashville as part of that process. Above is a group of songs that I recently finished with Jamie Tate and a great group of players over at The Rukkus Room. If you are interested in using one of these songs, or about getting together to write sometime, please send me a message in the contact page of this site! I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for listening!

(Special thanks to Kris Allen, Hannah Blaylock, and Abe Smith for delivering killer vocals on these tracks.)

“Better” – Adam Hambrick, Tami Hinesh, Cale Mills

“Playing With Fire” – Andrew Deroberts, Johnny Gates, Cale Mills

All others – Cale Mills

BMI – Sweetwater Mills Music



Sounds like 5 hits to me

Miranda Lambert needs to do This Thing You Call Love

Proud of you Cale!

I’m loving these demos, well done all around! I can absolutely imagine hearing them on the radio. And the website is great, wishing you all good things!

Krismicklin (Linda)

I am so excited for you! As you know, I have had the honor of following you and Kris over the past four years and both of you have been such an inspiration in my life. I absolutely love these songs and cannot stop listening to them. Thank you for including Kris on your new songs.

Cale, so proud for you on this new website and your stepping out to write for others. Nashville is a tough town (hey, I’ve seen the show! LOL), but I feel like if anyone can be successful there, it’s you. God bless, looking forward to seeing what He has in store for you! p.s. Love all the songs!

Mary (MerryMary05)

So when can I buy your album? I love all of these demos and I’m so proud of you, Cale. I love the site and I’m looking forward to following this new journey wherever it takes you!

Connie (@Constance0128)

Cale, Like others have said, I came to know you through your dedication to and work with Kris Allen. You are a talented musician in your own right and I wish you much success. I look forward to buying your music in the future. Loving these demos!

Wow, these songs are all really good!! Great writing Cale, I’m a big fan of Kris, so I would have to say I like “Better” the best. But I really like all the other too!

Cassie Mills Booth

I want 10% for the use of my boom box when we were kids.
But seriously…. LOVE your music and LOVE you little brother. I believe in you and others will too.

Great songs! I have always loved the songs that you co-wrote with Kris and I love these. You have a great career ahead of you and we will support you in whatever you do.

Cristen Wathen

I laughed so hard at the boom box comment. Very proud of you and love all of the Mills family so much. Wishing you success and loving your music! Cristen 🙂

Starting songwriting myself, it’s encouraging to see others like you make such great music. So happy that you’re the person touring with kris. Thanks for the inspiration.

Wow these songs are great – when can we purchase them? I went to my first Kris Allen concert (which was fantastic) in Burlington Vermont and was really disappointed that you weren’t there but now I see why! This web site looks really sharp.

These are great songs! Can I get these for my ipod? Missed you on the spring leg of the Kris Allen tour.

These songs are awesome, Cale! So glad that you have shared them and it’s great to hear Kris sing several of them! I especially love Until the End of Time. Your songwriting abilities are amazing! I’m not usually into country music, however, these songs are great! I wish you much luck with your songwriting career, but I hope to see you performing with Kris again soon!

Cale, I love these songs so much! You’re such a talented songwriter and musician. I am really looking forward to hearing more from you.

Wow I am so proud of you Knew you had it in you Love you much

As someone who being overly obsessed on you and being away from you for the last 2 years (personal problem)… am really surprise to see you have your own website. Am really shocked man! Thanks for tweeting the link and hopefully I will come back visiting this site.

I do wondering what you have been up to after Kris last tour… I don’t have the word to say when am listening to your demo *happy tears*

No matter who you are with now, am wishing but nothing the best for you. May your life will be filled with lots of rainbows and success.

Love the demos! You have an amazing talent and I cannot wait to buy your music. Keep up the great work!

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